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Jonny Rostamabadi is a Pop/R&B/Rock singer, songwriter, and pianist.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, his musical journey began as at the young age of 4. Drawn to the piano, he began lessons with family friend and church organist, James Muszynski. Over the next several years, he excelled rapidly, learning more advanced materials.


Jonny continued developing his piano skills throughout high school, and at the same time began taking vocal lessons at the prompting of his teachers. Actively involved in both the music and theater programs, he experienced a number of successes on stage and in competitions. By late high school, Jonny made the decision to focus his career towards performing arts.


Further honing his abilities in college on the East Coast, his exploration into contemporary music took flight. Studying with esteemed faculty and working musicians, Jonny expanded his knowledge from performance to composition, songwriting, and musical direction. During his stay at college, he led concerts, wrote and arranged for small and large ensembles, conducted and music directed several shows, and performed on various stages.


Jonny has had the privilege of performing and/or sharing the stage with Alison Kraus, Gwendolyn Leathers, Lawrence Watson, Donna McElroy, Meghan Murphy, Deborah Pierre, to name a few.


Currently working on his own material while residing on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for his up and coming releases.

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